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Our curriculum at Fountain Inn Christian School is a combination of A-Beka and Bob Jones. The program includes the core curriculum of language, mathematics, social studies, and science. Students also have the opportunity to develop skills in our computer lab and can also receive instruction in art, music, physical education, and foreign language. Christian character is integrated throughout the curriculum.


A 90 - 100

B 80 - 89

C 70 - 79

D 60 - 69

F 51 - 59

Students are honored for their academic achievements at the end of each nine week period. Honor Rolls are posted for straight A's and the A/B Honor Roll.

All students with a 4.5 GPA or higher at the time of Graduation will graduate with HONORS.

Breakdown of GPA Points per class

Please note that the standard 4.0 scale will include any non-college prep course as established by the Administrator, such as

PE (year two and beyond), Yearbook, Business Math, and Consumer Math.


A student must earn a total of 24 units of credit distributed as follows:

English/Language Arts - 4 Units

U.S. History and Constitution - 1 Unit

Economics (½ Unit), Government (½ Unit) - 1 Unit

Other Social Studies - 1 Unit

Mathematics - 4 Units

Science - 3 Units

Physical Education or ROTC - 1 Unit

Computer Science (Including Keyboarding) - 1 Unit

Foreign Language or Occupational Education - 1 Unit

Bible - 4

Electives - 3 Units

Total of 24 Units


Report cards are issued 4 times each year to give students and parents an accurate indication of progress. Report cards will record grades, attendance, and conduct.

Progress reports will be issued midway through each 9 week grading period.

Report cards will not be issued if a child has a balance due or has not returned a sports uniform.


PTM is scheduled once each nine week period. These dates are listed in the school calendar. Please plan to attend for the benefit of your child. 

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