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Lunch Menu

Reminder.....due to limited space we asked that you send student’s lunch in a lunchbox with an ice pack. These will be kept in their classroom until lunchtime. Any items needed to be heated for lunch needs to be given to their teachers with your child’s name on each item.

Monday: House of Pizza

Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza by the slice $1.25

Tuesday: Bojangles

Steak Biscuit $2.85

Mac & Cheese Kids meal $4.50

Chicken Tenders Kids meal $4.50

Chicken Leg Kids meal $4.50

Wednesday: Produce & More

Hot dog plain $1.25

Hot Dog w/chili $1.50

Hamburger $3.25

Cheeseburger $3.25

Chili Cheeseburger $3.75

3pc. Chicken tenders w/fries $4.25

Bird Dog $2.50

Cheese Fries $3.25

Chili Cheese Fries $3.50

Chef Salad $4.25

Thursday: Chick-fil-a

Chicken biscuit $2.75

Chicken sandwich $3.75

8 pc nuggets $3.75

Side salad $3.50

Chocolate chip cookie $1.50

Friday: House of Pizza

Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza by the slice $1.25


(Items available daily)

Pepperoni or Cheese Deep Dish Pizza $1.75

Pepperoni Hot Pocket $1.50

Corn Dog $0.50

Cup of Noodles $0.50

PB& J Uncrustables $0.75

Cup of Mac & Cheese $1.00

A variety of drinks will also be available

to purchase at lunch.