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Meetings for 2017-2018

September 25

October 30

November 27

January 29

February 26

March 26

April 30

May 21

All meetings begin at 6pm in the church auditorum.

Exciting things happening...

Thank you PTO for our new nature trail and outdoor classroom / ampitheater. We are so excited to start using this new area for learning.

Middle and High school students meet to dedicate the new nature trail and outdoor classroom / amphitheater.

Rock Painting Party

Each student painted a rock that was placed in the new Rock Garden. Volunteers came together to read the book THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU by Linda Kranz, to each grade level. Students were then given an opportunity to paint a rock to place in the garden.

Welcome to our new Parent Teacher Organization! 

We are excited to come together as parents to support and enhance Fountain Inn Christain School. We want to make FICS the best school and ministry possible as a collective body. We will work together as parents to support our students, faculty, adminstration and Board of Directors to fullfill the mission of FICS with excellence.

We hope that you will join us as we strive for excellence!

Bylaws established 8/27/2017

Article I

The Name of the Organization shall be called Fountain Inn Christian School PTO.

Article II Purpose

The primary purpose of the Parent, Teacher Organization at Fountain Inn Christian School is to enhance all aspects of student life and support its ministry to both FICS families and those outside of its walls by providing the infrastructure and resources necessary to accomplish the school’s mission with excellence.

The FICS PTO will promote the mission of FICS by assisting the school’s Administration, Faculty and the Board of Directors with the resources to implement student life and support school activities for the glory of God.

The FICS PTO will follow the guidelines set forth in the Fountain Inn Christian School PTO Bylaws which is approved by the Board. 

Article III Members

Section 1. Any parent, guardian, or other adult standing in loco parents for a student at the school may be a member and shall have voting rights. The principal and any teacher employed at the school may be a member and have voting rights.

Section 2. Dues, if any will be established by the PTO Officers and approved by the Executive Board. A member’s dues of $20 per parent, each school year must be paid. All tuition balances are up to date to be considered a member in good standing with voting rights. A Requirement of at least 5 volunteer hours per school year. All members must have a background check before volunteering.

Article IV Officers

Section 1. Officers. The officers shall be president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

  1. President. The president shall preside over meetings of the organization and executive board, serve as the primary contact for the principal, represent the organization at meetings outside the organization, serve as an ex officio member of all committees and coordinate the work of all the officers and committees so that the purpose of the organization is served. Every fundraising and outside event must be approved, by the board officers.
  2. Vice President. The vice president shall assist the president and carry out the president’s duties in his or her absence or inability to serve.
  3. Secretary. The secretary shall keep all records of the organization, take and record minutes, handle correspondence, pass on notes to the newsletter committee. The secretary also keeps a copy of the minutes book, bylaws, rules, membership list, and any other necessary supplies, and brings them to meetings.
  4. Treasurer. The treasurer shall receive all funds of the organization, keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures, and pay out funds in accordance with the approval of the executive board. He or she will present a financial statement at every meeting and at other times of the year when requested by the executive board, and make a full report at the end of the year.

Section 2. Terms of office. Officers are elected for two years and may serve no more than (2) consecutive terms in the same office. Each person elected shall hold only one office at a time.

Section 3. Vacancies. If there is a vacancy in the office of president, the vice president will become the president. At the next regularly scheduled meeting, a new vice president will be elected. If there is a vacancy in any other office, members will fill the vacancy through an election at the next regular meeting.

Section 4. Removal From Office. Officers can be removed from office with or without cause by a two-thirds vote of those present at a regular meeting where previous notice has been given.

Article V Meetings

Section 1. Regular Meetings. The regular meeting of the organization shall be on the last Monday of each month during the school year at 6pm or at a time and place determined by the PTO Officers, at least one month before the meeting. The annual meeting will be held at the April regular meeting. The annual meeting is for receiving reports, and conducting other business that should arise. The secretary will notify the members of the meeting in a flyer sent home with students and through email at least one week prior to the meeting.

Section 2. Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called by the president, any two members of the executive board or five general members submitting a written request to the secretary. Previous notice of the special meeting shall be sent to the members at least 10 days prior to the meeting, by flyer and phone calls.

Article VI Executive PTO Board

Section 1. Membership. The Executive PTO Board shall consist of the officers, principal, and standing School Executive Board Members of Fountain Inn Christian School.

Section 2. Duties. The duties of the Executive PTO Board shall be to transact business between meetings in preparation for the general meeting, create standing rules and policies, create standing and temporary committees, prepare and submit a budget to the membership, approve routine bills, and prepare reports and recommendations to the membership.

Section 3. Meetings. Regular meetings shall be held monthly, on the last Sunday of the month before the general meeting, at the church at 2:30pm. Special meetings may be called by any two board members, with 24 hours’ notice. 

Article VII – Committees

Section 1. Membership. Committees may consist of members and board members, with the president acting as an ex officio member of all committees.

Section 2. Standing Committees. The following committees shall be held by the organization: Fundraising, Hospitality, Membership, Communications, Arts and Enrichment, Family Events, and Audit Committee.

Section 3. Additional Committees. The board may appoint additional committees as needed.

Article VIII-Finances

Section 1. A tentative budget shall be drafted in the fall for each school year and approved by a majority vote of the members present.

Section 2. The treasurer shall keep accurate records of any disbursements, income, and bank account information.

Section 3. The board shall approve all expenses of the organization.

Section 4. Two authorized signatures shall be required on each check over the amount of $200. Authorized signers shall be the president, treasurer, and principal.

Section 5. The treasurer shall prepare a financial statement at the end of the year, to be reviewed by the Audit Committee.

Section 6. Upon the dissolution of the organization, any remaining funds should be used to pay any outstanding bills and, with the memberships approval, spent for the benefit of Fountain Inn Christian School.

Section 7. The fiscal year shall coordinate with the school year.


All fundraising must be approved by the Officers Board. No in house fundraising will be allowed to be fair to everyone, such as Avon, 31, Tupperware etc.

Fundraising will have different departments to fund, such as Sports, School, and PTO.

Article IX – Dissolution

The organization may be dissolved with previous notice (14 calendar days) and a two-thirds vote of those present at the meeting.